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Connecting People, Strengthening Families and Communities.

Helping individuals and families in need with access to programs, services and resources that will enable them to obtain a solid and sustainable quality of life. When lives are improved, hope is restored, healing begins and communities are able to grow stronger. 

Engage individuals and families in underserved communities. 

Provide people with life skills, job skills, coaching, and training. 

Connect people with quality resources such as jobs, food, housing, and clothing- leading to a better quality of life for all.

About Cornerstone Connections

It is our mission to engage, connect and provide high quality services, programming, and resources to individuals and families in underserved communities. We aim to be the bridge connecting all service gaps in order to create greater quality of living and an overall stronger community and society for all.

Cornerstone Connects

We partner with community residents, local, state, and national organizations, governments, foundations, local stakeholders and businesses looking to improve the lives and surroundings of the most vulnerable and underserved. Together we can create a lasting impact and stronger communities. 

Holding Hands
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Your Support Matters

Our Philosophy 

Engage people in a dignified and supportive manner, allowing them to find hope to lead a better life and be a part of a larger impact on their community. 

Connecting and assisting people in need with necessary services and resources.

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