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About Us

Bridging Lives, Building Futures

Cornerstone Connections is at the forefront of building a world where every individual and family thrives. 

By empowering individuals and families, we lay the foundation for safe, supportive, and prosperous communities, ensuring a legacy of growth and resilience for generations to come.


Our vision is healthy, strong and self sustainable communities where empowered individuals and families feel safe and supported to grow, live, work, and play for generations to come.


The mission of Cornerstone Connections is to connect and provide individuals and families with quality resources, services, trainings, and support that will foster them into leading viable lives.

Our Founder

Cornerstone Connections was founded by Brandy Hannah, who has over 20 years of experience working in the social services/nonprofit sector. Having worked in multiple leveled capacities in this field, she wanted to help address the gaps in services for both the recipients and providers. Utilizing her experiences from both Florida and the Northeast, she took her love for communities and people and coupled it with what she calls her "life purpose", and formed Cornerstone Connections. Cornerstone is the bridge to connect the two; making way for stronger connections and thriving communities!

Brandy Hannah Founder



Meet the Team

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