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Connecting H.O.P.E.

This program engages and works with non-custodial parents who are unemployed or underemployed and have been court ordered to pay child support.

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Job Readiness

Our goal is to place you in sustainable jobs so that you may be able to provide child support payments as well as take care of yourself and your own. We accomplish this by equipping you with the necessary skills through our job readiness program.

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Personal Development

We host various personal development workshop training that encompasses the typical topics necessary to excel in a career today. 

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Resource Assistance

We also offer resources to aid you in your journey of job readiness, whether that is food, clothing, housing, child or youth services, etc. We partner with local organizations and with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and Florida Department of Revenue.

Care Connections

Welcome to our comprehensive case management program, Care Connections. We are funded by Orange County government to provide assistance to individuals and families residing in Orange County. Our goal is to connect them to resources and workshops that will lead to better and more sustainable lives and communities.

Make An Impact

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