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April 20, 2024

The Guidelines for Donating Clothes to Community Clothing Closet

Donating clothes is not only a relief for an overstuffed closet but also a commendable act of environmental and social responsibility. At Cornerstone Connections, our Community Clothing Closet program in West Oaks Mall, Orlando, provides an excellent opportunity for you to make a difference. Here's a guide on how to ensure that your contributions to our clothing donation program are both meaningful and beneficial.

The Do's of Clothing Donation

Assess Your Wardrobe

Start by evaluating what you have. If clothes are just gathering dust or no longer fit, they're perfect candidates for donation. Remember, if it doesn't appeal to you, it might just be what someone else needs. Just do make sure that they are gently used or new. We do not accept heavily used items, so please make your assessment properly!

Include High-End Items

Don't shy away from donating high-quality items like suits or formal dresses. These pieces can be especially valuable for those needing to make a good impression at job interviews or formal events, and we have many such people currently in our Connecting H.O.P.E. program. Your high-end items help them be able to support their children by paying their child support!

Ensure Cleanliness

Always wash or dry clean items before donating. Presenting clean clothes not only respects the recipient but also maintains the dignity of the donation process.

Don'ts of Clothing Donation

Say No to Undergarments

For hygiene reasons, undergarments should be bought new. Please refrain from donating used socks, underwear, or similar items.

Inspect for Wear and Tear

Only donate clothes that are in like-new or gently used condition. Items with holes, stains, or odors are not suitable for donation but could be repurposed or recycled instead. The men, women, and children in need that make use of our program may already have wear and tear clothing. They are trying to get the exact opposite, so your attention to this matter helps us serve them well.

Avoid Stained or Smelly Items

If you wouldn't wear it, it's not fit for donation. Try to remove any stains yourself, or consider repurposing such items. If the stains do not come off, it would be best used elsewhere (but thank you for going through the trouble of attempting to fix the stains)!

How to Donate Clothes

You can bring your donations directly to our Community Clothing Closet at 9401 W. Colonial Dr., Suite 626, Ocoee, FL 34761 (West Oaks Mall). Your contributions will directly benefit men, women, and children in need within our community.

By donating to our Community Clothing Closet, you're not only clearing out your closet but also providing essential support to those in need. Remember, the goal of donating clothes is to help others while being mindful of the environment. Following these do's and don'ts will ensure your donations are both helpful and appreciated.

For those in the Orlando area, come visit us to donate your new or gently used clothing. Let's make a positive impact together!